BINARYCUBE GMBH - Your professional IT-Partner
We are your professional IT partner. We support you from the initial idea to the full implementation of each project. We are a general contracting for new media and develop internet / intranet sites (Sites), software solutions, applications, databases, multimedia presentations; realize network implementations, server setup, server administration, etc.

Our core focus is to develop customized application solutions (databases) according to the needs specified by the customer. This usually happens as follows: Due to the needs of the clients we create a study, the implementation ends in a rough concept. This coarse-concept is discussed with the client and detailed. Then usually a detail concept is created with all relevant key data, which is consulted on the implementation and realization of the application. Our applications are usually designed to be modular so that individual modules can be developed and implemented at any time. Here, the collaboration with customers is paramount. Our main modular systems are:

  • Project Portfolio Management (PM Tool)
    Main control system and coordination tool for constructions cost-control measures, including controlling of departement of Basel-City
  • Information Management System (IMS)
    Information System for the backoffice area of banking, insurance, and businesses. Included are for ex. Human resource management, property management, document management, data interfaces (ODBC), cooperative-management meeting (AGM), project management, authentication system, controlling, employee time billing system including time and attendance, ...
  • Enterprise Management System (EMS)
    ERP and CRM system for business administration. Included are for ex. accounts receivable management, billing management, vendors, project element manganese, hours of administration, financial journal, warehouse management (inventory), ...